Winter Warmth

How we are helping residents of Tendring to stay warm over the cold winter period

Community Voluntary Services in Tendring are once again supporting local people at this most crucial time with the Winter Warmth programme funded by the NHS. The project aims to keep those who need it most, warm and well over the winter period. This year, with the addition of the COVID-19 world pandemic, supporting the health of the community is vital. Cold weather affects mental and physical health, mobility and those with long term health conditions.

The Winter Warmth programme is about keeping safe and following guidance with regards to COVID- 19, as well as being aware of the seasonal impact of flu and trying to make people aware of positive health practices and improving their health.


The project will provide winter packs to ensure people have warm clothing and accessories. Packs can be collected, once a referral form has been completed, to evidence that the support has been directed to those who need this the most. There will be visits to communities with the popular door drop days in:

Jaywick on 6th/7th/8th October

Harwich on 14th/15th October

Walton on 20th/21st October

This ensures the Community Voluntary Services team, volunteers and partners have direct contact with people, many who feel isolated and are in need of further support, particularly in the cold and dark winter months.  A key part of the support gives people access to the CVST social prescribing team, who ensure holistic support to signpost and support people, to access services to improve their health and wellbeing. The social prescribing team can support with many aspects of wellbeing, ensuring people who need support are enabled and empowered to do this.


The Winter Warmth programme also works across schools and with the Essex Child and Wellbeing Service enabling low income families to access support to keep their children warm and well. This supports their learning and development at school.


Additionally, the Tendring District Council Careline office will run the Emergency Winter Helpline, which will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to support those with emergency non-medical needs. The Emergency Winter Helpline number is: 01255 222022


Food is also a priority during winter, and it is important to maintain good health with good nutrition. Food parcels and access to the CVST lunch club is also part of the project.


A key element of the programme is to enable community organisations, charities, schools etc. to access grants of up to £2000 to develop projects to target the people that need help the most.  Contact The Community Voluntary Services on 01255 425770, if you are interested in putting together a project and applying for a grant.


The project this year will focus on ensuring that health is a top priority for the community, and maintaining good health during the world pandemic, as well as improving health and exercise, which are key elements of the project.


For more information about the Winter Warmth project, contact the following offices:

20-22 Rosemary Road, Clacton, CO15 1NZ - Tel: 01255 425692

276 High Street, Dovercourt,     CO12 3PD –Tel: 01255 554115



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