Winter Warmth

How we are helping residents of Tendring to stay warm over the cold winter period

This year’s initiative is called, ‘May The Warmth Be With You’ and Community Voluntary Services Tendring, supported by many local organisations, is ensuring that as far as is possible people are enabled to stay warm, both within their homes and as they brave the outdoor, cold winter weather.


Winter Warm Packs

  • Funding, which came from the NHS, has enabled services to purchase warm, thermal garments as well as heaters, blankets etc. to vulnerable residents.  At a time when many people are struggling with changes to the benefit system we are helping people of all ages.
  • In January 2019 we will, with the help of many other services, be distributing some warm winter packs to residents in the Jaywick Sands area. The packs will be tailored to the residents preferred needs.  It is planned that the fire service will be supplying smoke alarms during this time to those homes where the residents request for one to be fitted.

Youth in our community

  • As well as working with Barnardo’s to help with winter clothing we have spoken to local school children regarding the importance of keeping warm and eating well as well as supplying them with ‘goody bags’, containing such items as porridge and hot chocolate.  The children were busting with good ideas regarding good nutrition, how to stay warm as well as how to share with those who are lonely during the Christmas season.

Hot Food

  • Provision for hot soup, a roll and a friendly chat is available within central Clacton has been made for each Thursday.  It is available from 11.30am – 1pm at CVST lunch club, 99 Carnarvon Road. Many local organisations have vouchers to distribute to those who would benefit from this service

Winter Emergency Helpline

  • Tendring District Council’s Careline is supporting the scheme by taking emergency calls from vulnerable people when, for example, their heating breaks down. For such a crisis, during out of normal working hours, Careline will respond by supplying any required winter packs of clothing, heaters and food if necessary, alongside advice regarding repairs and additional help depending on individual circumstances.  People who need assistance, or who want to refer others for help, should contact CVST on 01255 425692.


  • We have been grateful to local businesses such as the East of England Co-op, Moving Places and Wilkos who have supported the project and to other voluntary and statutory services within the area who have worked together showing a truly wonderful community spirit at a time when with so many ‘cut backs’ make such joint working so vital.

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