Reminder To Residents That Recycling Can Be Put Out In Range Of Containers

Recycling can be placed out for collection in any suitable plastic container, Tendring residents are being reminded.  An unprecedented demand for official Tendring District Council (TDC) recycling boxes means stocks are running low, so to ensure households can still have their recycling collected they are being reminded that any appropriate box can be used.  The council completely stocked its warehouse with red and green recycling boxes ahead of the roll-out of wheelie bins across the district in anticipation of a surge in demand, but despite additional deliveries suppliers are now unable to keep up with the level of uptake from residents.  TDC estimates it will have run out of the recycling boxes by the end of this week, and although more have been ordered additional stock will not arrive until the end of July.


Since the beginning of the wheeled bin roll-out on June 10, it is estimated that more than 10,000 recycling boxes have been claimed by residents – compared with only around 30,000 over the last seven years of the old waste service – an early sign of the scheme’s success.  Food waste caddies remain in stock, and can be collected from stockists across the district.  Wheelie bins are in the process of being issued to almost 90% of the district, more than 57,000 households, the majority of the district, who once they receive their bin will move onto fortnightly collections of ‘black bag’ waste. Only the bins, and no side waste, will be collected – unless residents have an exemption, issued due to the size of the household or for medical waste, for example.


Recycling collections will remain weekly, alternating between green weeks (plastic bottles, tins and cans) and red weeks (paper and cardboard), and food waste is collected weekly. Those properties remaining on black sack collections will still have a weekly collection.


Cllr Michael Talbot, TDC Cabinet Member for Environment, urged residents to keep recycling and not worry about using an official box. We have been monitoring stocks and ordered more recycling boxes, and I would like to apologise to anybody inconvenienced by this,” Cllr Talbot said.  “This surge in demand was anticipated, but the level has outstripped supply. However, we believe this is a very positive sign of just how much recycling is being taken up by residents who either weren’t doing it at all before, or who are upping their game, which can only be a good thing for the environment. Our message is to keep on recycling, and to remind people that they don’t need to use an official TDC marked container to do so. As long as households use a suitable plastic container – and the contents are the correct materials for that particular collection – our contractors will still collect it. In addition, we appreciate there have been a considerable number of residents contacting us by phone, email and social media with questions about the service and their individual property. I would reassure people we are working our way through all of these enquiries, and ask you to bear with us.”


The wheelie bin roll-out is scheduled to finish in mid-August. For details on the new service, including where to collect a food caddy from, or to report a missed collection, visit


Residents are advised to contact in advance local stockists of recycling boxes to check availability.


Summer Crime Prevention Advice

During the summer months we see a rise in the number of “Creeper Burglaries” where burglars take advantage of open gates, windows and doors.

An open or insecure garden gate will provide the thief with access to the back of your home.  If you have unoccupied rooms that are accessible to others from outside or off flat roofs make sure the windows are closed, if you need ventilation in these rooms whilst at home at least lock the larger window and only have the small window open even during the daytime. If you only have bigger windows consider a lockable window restrictor and a small alarm sensor on the window to detect entry.

Leave any accessible door open or insecure and an opportunist thief will pop in and anything lying around will be gone. You may have only popped next door, or down the end of the garden or having a quick shower; it only takes a second for a thief to steal.


Tips for a crime free summer:

  1. Parked cars – Don’t leave property on display in the car. Are the windows shut and doors locked (don’t assume that by pressing the button on the remote it is locked, try the handle too)? A lot of thefts are from insecure cars and vans.
  2. Don’t attract a thief with visible insecure and unattended pedal cycles.
  3. Keep side or rear gates, sheds and garages shut and securely locked.
  4. Doors closed and locked? Don’t forget that with a PVCu multi-locking door you may have lifted the handle but until you turn the key or thumb turn on the inside you have not locked all the locks in place. Before going out or turning in for the night don’t forget to check all doors, someone may have closed it but did they lock it?
  5. Windows - lift the blinds or open the curtains and check they are closed, the sun may have been on the TV when it was hot, and so the curtains were drawn with the window open. Remember the above advice about open windows. Make sure in case of fire that keys to windows and doors are readily accessible to occupants but not in view of possible burglars.
  6. If you have an intruder alarm activate it when going out and activate the zone for the unoccupied area whilst in.
  7. Car keys - don’t take them to bed with you, where possible leave them in noisy drawer/location. Keep the keyless fob in a “Faraday” bag.
  8. If you do hear a suspicious noise in the house that you are not happy with dial 999 and make a noise, shout out, it could cause any intruder to flee, they may not have known you were home, remember your life is more important than your property. If safe to do so get a good description of the person/s and if possible the car index number and direction of travel.
  9. Stopping for lunch, a drink or a cuppa whilst out, soaking up the sun, or going down to the sea, don’t drop your guard. If you don’t pay attention to your camera, mobile phone, sunglasses, purse or wallet and a thief sees them they will steal them.
  10. Social MediaWhen using “Facebook” or other social media be wary of announcing to the world that you are away and your house is empty. Make sure your profile does not contain private information that would identify you or your address to a stranger.


Last bit of advice - Going on holiday? Cancel the milk and newspaper deliveries and look after each other, get a neighbour or friend to keep an eye on your property, ensure neighbours have contact numbers for a key holder and where possible let them park their car on your drive. To make your home less attractive to the thief create the illusion that your house is occupied (TV simulator, lights and radio on timers, a doorbell that you can answer from your mobile phone) it is less likely to be broken into.




Sunday 7 July Get Moving Walking Group

meeting at Oyster Tank Car Park, Brightlingsea, CO7 0DY


Walk your way to good health this summer!  A fun gentle walking group for all ages and abilities. Come along and make new friends from your local community, have fun and get active!  Sundays, 11am – 12.30pm



Available on the day mobile 07379 145 536


If you can't join us this time, why not come along to our next Sunday walk on 14th July meeting at Vista Road (beach end) CO15 6AT


We also run walking groups on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays - visit the physical activities page for more details.


Meeting points will vary, visit our website or facebook page for details of future walks


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